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Copyrighted material. Fiction - Free download.

Cult of Superstition - Drama.
Riverboat Justice - Action.
Priest of Sales - Drama. Screen Novel


How To Write A Screenplay - Free PDF version.

Writers Workshop Script Doctor - For beginners and pros - Find and fix the twenty most common problems in screenplays (and novels and plays). Includes an in-depth guide to developing characters and plots, plus additional material on originality and on stimulating creativity. Free PDF version (Note: All of this information is available on the Visual Writer Web site, plus a lot more.)

What's In a Word? Free PDF. Commentary and exploration on the birth of words, language inconsistencies, and the impact of words on our world.

Stage Plays

Copyrighted material. Free download. Use requires royalty.

Audience: College, Business recreational, adult. Rating: G to R.

Double Game - Faces to reveal, faces to hide. Drama.

Web Series on religion and spirituality

Transitioning 5: Re-architecting our lives.

Transitioning 4: Discovering Ourselves in Transition.

Transitioning 3: Staying Oriented.

Transitioning 2: The Courage to Change.

Transitioning 1: Coping with and embracing spiritual change.

Spiritual Growth series: This series is well researched and looks at many aspects of spiritual growth from the point of view of faith. Topics include: Are spiritual and religious different? What is a spiritual journey? Are there signs of maturity and stages of growth? Spiritual development in Ancient Judaism. Spiritual development among the disciples. Discerning the path. My personal spiritual journey. Moral, Ethical, Legal - If it's legal, is it right?

Prophecy series: Seven secrets others don't tell you. This series is well researched and looks at many aspects of prophecy from the point of view of faith. Prophecy is explored in its cultural, historical, and eschatological context. Topics include: What does prophecy mean? What is the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord about? What does apocalyptic "trembling in our boots" prophecy mean? What does modern prophecy mean? What are our defining issues today, and can our values save us?

Thought provoking books featuring critical but thorough and fair scholarship, grounded in active faith

The Prophetic Pattern: Discussion Guide for Ancient and Modern Prophecy Are we all going to die on Friday, December 21, 2012? The secrets no one talks about. Free PDF version

Ontology of God: The voices of the ancients speak What is God about, and what does He ask of us? A look at the history of several aspects of religious development as affected by the ancient societies they were in, including law, mercy, and love. Free PDF version

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Assistance and Screenwriting Courses Resources
Gotham Writers Workshop
Online and residence courses, NYC

Film Schools - Yahoo! Directory

Film Schools - Cinema Sites Directory

DMOZ Film Schools Directory

Film Schools - Google Search

Hollywood Creative Directory Online
Complete information on executives in the film and television industry. Updated weekly.

Writers Free Reference Desk

The History Net

My Reference Library

Scriptlinks CA
Links to sites related to every aspect of screenplay writing.

Screenwriting and Cinema Community Web sites

Filmmakers The Smalls is a Biggest showcase for short films and music. The site aims to create an opportunity for filmmakers and musicians to get their work commissioned. Upload and watch short films. Network with the Film Industry.

Screenwriters Online

Scriptwriters online

(Sell screenplays)

WritersGuild of Am. - prof. org.

The Film Maker's Home Pages

French portal for TV and cinema professionals, with craft and business resources

Screenwriting Web

Zeotrope virtual studios
An online filmmaking collaboration and resource community.

Red Inkworks
Writing resources, contests, encouragement.

Writers Heaven
Writing resources, expert advice.

An extensive list of free reference web pages on the Internet useful to writers and anyone looking for free information.

Writers-Free-Reference: Agents
A list of literary agents' e-mail address, along with names and web page addresses if they are available.

Also see the Film and Video Production site link below for articles about writing.


Film and Video Production

Screenwriting and Writing

Crafty Screenwriting
Online book at Musofire Web page industry e-zine
Online script sales and representation

World Wide Freelance Writer

The Writers Weekly



International Network on Personal Meaning: The objectives of INPM are to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities and promote peace in the global village through research and applications of the principles of meaning and purpose.

Stress and emotion control

Emotional Fitness Training by Katherine Levine.


DarkEcho's Horror Web


Writers magazines (E-Zines)

Studio Briefing
 Daily news from the entertainment industry 

IndieWIRE - online magazine for Indies

The Web Newsroom - entertainment news - reference and community for the new and independent filmmaker.


 Geographic Resources


Log Cabin Literary Center


IrishWriters Center


The Ultimate Book of Writing Contests The world's largest source of writing contest information: covers ALL writing genres in ALL English-language countries. Lists over $5 million in writing competition prizes for unpublished work.


ListServs (Automated e-mail discussion lists)

SCREENWRIT ( an open forum list for people who live and work in film and TV.

Screen-L. Screenwriting discussion list. (


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