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A writing example project

Wife for Sale, Copyright Ó 1997, Dorian Scott Cole 
Page Copyright Ó 1997, Dorian Scott Cole 

This writing example is furnished primarily as a help to those who never get to see how another writer works, or see how to develop a screenplay1, play, and novel, or short form play (twenty minute). I will be demonstrating the concepts I have published in Writers Workshop Script Doctor. This project will be added to from time to time as the need for an example occurs. I will put up material from the planning stages through the writing and rewriting stages. This is not to tell people how they should write. Sometimes I write strictly intuitively, and end with a useable result. More often I write with a lot of planning. Feel free to look at this project at the stage that appeals to you. 

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Planning and concept

Planning 2 - characterization

Planning 3 - Plot

Begin writing


1 The written, preproduced forms of movies, plays, and novels (all books) are called scripts. Respectively: screenplay scripts, stage play scripts, and manuscripts. I have tried to begin using the terms people understand instead of the more technical terms, but I often loosely refer to all of them as "scripts." I try to use "story" when it could apply to all three forms.

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