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Editorial: Permanent Political Gridlock and the future of politics
Challenges for Democracy

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Permanent gridlock

Congressional approval is around 7%, but each gerrymandered district will vote again for its representative, because approval ratings of representatives by district are above 50%. Almost all House Representatives are returned every election. The Senate isn't much different.

Politicians have managed to create permanent divides in our country, and through propaganda have polarized constituents against working together on any issue. Some have stated their goal as simply to block the opposing party's legislation. We have a Congress that can't work, and has no reason to care.

The citizens are locked out of the process because only their representatives can do anything about it. There is no mechanism for changing Congress, the Constitution, and Laws, except through the Representatives, and they are happy with their eternal jobs and poking the other party in the eye for political points at home.

Congress can't legislate regardless of which party has either or both houses, even if a few representatives who really want to serve the people get elected, because it takes 60% of the vote to approve legislation in the Senate, and that isn't possible for most issues.

It is time to end the 2 party system - it is bringing the country to a halt. Governments that don't represent the people end up with nations in civil war.

Economic problems that affect most of the citizens, are a big driver of the process leading to war. We are in a steadily declining economy. The stock market and GDP are not indicators of average wages, unemployment, underemployment, or wages. As wages slide and purchasing goes down, business suffers, so employment goes down, and the economy goes into a downward spiral. That's what is happening.

We have segments of our population who are armed, believe the government is the enemy, and believe a war is coming. Each piece of polarizing propaganda that hits them, fans the flames. While they don't have the power to overthrow the government, they are the incendiary elements that start wars.

It's up to each person to change the way he/she thinks about politics, who they send to Congress, and which platforms they support. Only by sending independents to Congress so that there is a third party with enough size to influence legislation, can things be changed.

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