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What kind of a healthcare system are we building?

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This page covers, on an ongoing basis, changes that are occuring in our (US) system that go in the right direction to meet the challenges that we face. These challenges include health, environment, government, and

Together Rx Access™ is a collective corporate endeavor to reduce prescription drug costs by 25 to 40% for those less able to afford prescription medicine - that is, those with low incomes who are not covered by any prescription drug coverage. The plan is confidential, has a wide network of participating pharmacies and pharmaceutical suppliers, and is totally free to participants. (

The Center For Health Transformation is "a collaboration of transformational leaders dedicated to the creation of a 21st century intelligent health system in which knowledge saves lives and saves money for all Americans." It is visionary in approach. (

Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, John Edwards, Director, University of North Carolina Law School. The Center brings the best minds in the country together with some of America's best and brightest young people to ask the hard questions and find answers to poverty. Poverty is at the heart of most health care funding questions.

MedPage Today The well known McDonald's fast food corporation announced that it will begin providing nutrition information on their fast food packaging. The information on most items will provide information on calories, total fat, protein, carbohydrates, and sodium. (Trans-fat would also be important information.)

Fast food has found wide acceptance in the US and other countries as convenience and price have met income access points - even Presidents sometimes eat at fast food restaurants. However, many people have no idea what a normal diet is, or what is in the food that they eat. Fast food is typically very high in calories. There is a strong link between eating habits that encourage continuously high levels of fat and glucose in the bloodstream, and the disease combination of diabetes and heart attack. One or both have devastating impact on health and longevity. Fast food restaurants can't make people control their eating, but it is very difficult to control something that you know little about. Nutrition is a joint responsibility. It is the responsibility of the restaurants to provide information, and the responsibility of their customers to be aware of nutrition information and control their health. McDonald's Corporation

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