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The Challenge For Capitalism
Do we want a world in which greed is the dominant driving force of the economic system?

Copyright © 2003 Dorian Scott Cole

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This Web site explores the human condition that writers write about, and economic systems are a major part of the human condition.

This article series is about destructive tendencies within the capitalist economic system and the need to control the system so that it works for us, but not against us. Some specific ways are mentioned to gain control, however solutions are more typically worked out in the realm of consensus opinion. Topics examine economics, the role of business, the role of government regulation, competing against ourselves, the business tendency to create non-competitive arenas, the lack of business and personal responsibility, the effect of a "games" mentality by business and the public toward economics, and strategies for controlling the system without damaging it. The fundamental issue raised is that excessive competition hurts us all.

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