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Script Critique and Improvement Services

Script critique and improvement services help a writer to create a story that is superior to most other stories on the market, making it more selectable when read by a reader or producer who is looking for that type of story. This provides a major advantage in a highly competitive market that is flooded with scripts. Services offered here are by providers who specialize in different aspects of story development.

Alex Epstein, author of Crafty Screenwriting spent ten years as a development executive in independent filmmaking, during which he also wrote many screenplays, most of which were commissioned by film and television producers, and three of which have been produced. Alex is currently story editing the TV show, THE OUTER DIMENSION.

Besides employing his wide experience in story construction, Alex critiques scripts on the basis of what producers are looking for and what the development and packaging process is like, to eliminate fatal commercial flaws that doom the script from ever being chosen.

For critique services, contact Alex through the Web site.

Crafty Screenwriting is available now on the Crafty Screenwriting Web site, and will be available in paperback in fall 2002 from Henry Holt publishing. (Alex and are not associated with The Visual Writer, LLC Web site. This link is provided as a service to visitors.)

D. Scott Cole is the author of The Visual Writer, LLC Web site, and is the author of How To Write A Screenplay and Writers Workshop Script Doctor, as well as Web published articles and books. He was a senior screenplay critic, PR consultant, and contest judge for five years with (nonprofit) Writers Workshop in Los Angeles, which was supported by major studios and Hollywood organizations. He has done research on story construction, the results of which are consistent with top director and producer recommendations, and has led screenplay writing seminars. He writes screen and stage plays, novels, other nonfiction, ghostwrites, and does business writing and Web creative services.

Scripts often have structural and characterization problems, and other shortcomings, that prevent them from being noticed or from doing well at the box office. Scott recommends story improvement through story analysis and structural strategy, to enable the writer to create a superior story, while preserving the writer's and director's visions. Price is $450 to 600.00 depending on whether examples illustrating recommendations are to be created. Turn-around is one week, unless otherwise agreed to.

For critique services, contact Scott by e-mail: Primary Contact, or by phone.

Please note: Scripts are "rated" by Scott only on special request since "reader evaluations" are of dubious value outside the studio. Rewriting services are provided only on special request since rewriting by others is not beneficial to most writer's experience. However, examples regarding directions to go can be provided on request. Consultation is not available on marketability, agents (except WGA lists), or contacts. Marketability and establishing contact are agent areas.

The Visual Writer Web site was established in 1996, and provides free content and resources to communicators world-wide. Its content was born free and will remain free. Visual Writer, LLC Communications Services are unrelated to the mission of The Visual Writer, LLC Web site.

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