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Copyright © 2002, Dorian Scott Cole  Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim. In the Laokoon Lessing attempted to fundamentally define the separate functions of painting and of poetry. He pointed out that whereas painting is bound to observe spatial proximity--and must, therefore, select and render the seminal and most expressive moment in a chain of events--poetry has the task of depicting an event organically and in its temporal sequence. The essence of poetry thus lies not in description but in the representation of the transitory, of movement. According to Göran Sonesson, "In the case of pictorial semiotics, there has been, for some time now, three leading models of semiosis: those of the Greimas school, the Groupe µ, and the Quebec school; according the Fernande Saint-Martin (1994:2), however, one may also distinguish a fourth school, represented by the present author, which she calls the ‘Swedish school’. ...according to the Greimas model, all pictorial meaning derives from binary oppositions, the terms of which are distributed into two series which serve to separate at least two fields dividing the picture; the Quebéc school claims visual meaning is embodied in topological and Gestalt terms; and the Groupe µ holds that pictorial meaning emerges from the ruptures suffered by the norms which are posited to hold for all pictures (‘general norms’), or for the very pictures which they transgress (‘local norms’). Harnad, Stevan (2002) Symbol grounding and the origin of language What language allows us to do is to "steal" categories quickly and effortlessly through hearsay instead of having to earn them the hard way,

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