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Chapter 7
Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999 Dorian Scott Cole



Screen Novel
Enhanced screenplay - reads like a novel


D. Scott Cole

Based on characters and ideas from

the novel

Priest of Sales

By D. Scott Cole

Copyright 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999

Dorian Scott Cole

Contact: Primary Contact.

Scenes which may contain material which some may find uncomfortable are provided with links past them.

The first scene discusses sexuality in clinical terms. Click here to bypass this scene.


Margo is at her desk doing paperwork. Gina knocks and enters.

Margo notices that Gina looks strained, and serious.

"Hi," Gina says, sounding as serious as she looks.

"Good morning, Gina. What brings you here so early?"

"Personal problem. I could use some professional advice." Gina slips into a chair - she feels tired already and it is early morning.

"Travis?" Margo guesses.

"Me." Gina knows this will surpries her friend. But she hasn't heard anything yet.

Margo's jaw slackens for just a fraction of a second. "Tell me about it."

Gina feels nervous - this is almost more of a strain than keeping it to herself. But she gets on with it. "I'm having a lot of feelings I can't handle. I'm afraid sex is going to start interfering again."

Margo is not surprised. She smiles knowingly and her lips curl slightly in a victorious smile.

"I know, I know, this just proves your theory that I have to have sex. Margo, I want some help."

"I helped Travis, but it didn't work. What do you expect?"

"But isn't there a pill you can give me"

"Shave your head."

"What?" Gina asks, confused.

"I'll have to remove your brain." Margo says as if she is stating a fact from a medical textbook. She taps Gina lightly on the head with a pencil.

"Oh, get off my brain, will you!" Gina's eyes flash angrily. She doesn't need another one of Margo's brain theories.

"This sounds like some madness out of the Sahara. They routinely mutilate women in that area, and it is pointless. You don't understand the magnitude of the problem." She looks Gina in the eyes momentarily to emphasize she is about to make a strong point. "Gina, picture for a minute the male sex organ. For everything he has there, you have tissue that corresponds; most of it hidden beneath the skin, full of nerves, responding, engorging - just like his."

"But I'm a woman!" Gina protests. "I'm supposed to have more control than the male... the male.. animal. Can't you do something? This is driving me crazy."

"It all responds to your brain. If your brain tells it to work, it does and not much will stop it. If your brain tells it not to work, nothing will make it work. People sometimes go for years with no sexual interest or response. Your brain is your biggest sex organ. Medication can interfere, but it has side effects. There is nothing simple that I'm willing to do, unless you want me to remove your brain. I'd like to have a close look at it."

Gina smiles briefly, courteously. She appreciates her friend's attempt at humor, but... "So, what you're saying is you can't give me any help?"

"Yes, I can. Human beings are sexual by nature. I believe God made us this way. The question is why are you having to fight it so hard?"

"God, you're so... clinical!" Gina shoves herself away from the table and launches herself toward the door.

Margo looks downcast.

"Thanks," Gina says to her as she walks away. She realizes she isn't being nice to Margo. After all, Margo is Margo - what did she expect?

Gina stops at the door and turns toward Margo. "I don't know why I fight it so hard... It has... something to do with Mark... or what happened with Mark. It's like I... crossed a line somewhere and I want to come back. I lost something... some part of me that... I don't know... I treasured, and the treasure is gone. I don't feel the same anymore. Something is gone."

The two share a moment of knowing, one feeling what the other feels even if not completely understanding.


Kenrick is seated behind his desk. Gina and Travis are seated in front of it.

Gina is gushing. "Success in every one of these towns has been overwhelming. I've beefed up training, but at this rate, I'll need a manager just to keep up with staff hiring and training. I think if we wait to go nationwide with this, the competition is going to clamp onto this like a lobster.And most of it is due to Travis. He can't quit selling!"

Both Travis and Kenrick are all smiles. Kenrick looks like a proud new father. "Travis, do you want to dispute any of this?"

Travis smiles and shakes his head.

"How would you feel about managing this venture yourself? You would staff and train your sales people and I could get Gina going on other projects." Kenrick momentarily glances at Gina. Gina has a sinking feeling that relief is not in sight.

"I would like that very much."

"Then it's done. Good work. And as for you, Gina, you've outdone yourself."

Gina nods her head, and says, "Thank-you."

"I knew you had it in you. For your reward, I have a new assignment for you. Nightclubs. I think we'll sell product there. Think you can handle that?"

"That sounds like fun! I'll find time." Gina watches herself saying these words and responding like this was the best news in the world. This isn't what she wants. She wonders if her responses are all on automatic, or if she is just afraid to say no.

"And, I want you to coordinate all of these businesses," Kenrick adds, his face looking like a kid staring into a candy shop window.

"What about Jordan Wells?" Gina asks, her smile still in place.

"Jordan has his hands full keeping the clubs afloat," Kenrick replies.

Gina senses Kenrick is not fully forthcoming with his answer. But she sees no way out. "Well," she shrugs. "I'll find time."

Kenrick smiles an ungrateful smile. "I knew I could count on you."

Gina's eyes linger on Kenricks smile until he becomes uncomfortable, and during her own discomfort, her own smile becomes as false as his. Something resonates within her, a very uncomfortable feeling - Kenrick's smile is the same smile that he wears as he is burying her in her dream. Funny, she has never noticed this smile before, but it is so typically Kenrick. Was there something there that she was afraid to see before - simply didn't let herself see?  She feels sick. She feels like a cat caught in a trap - desperate to get out, but no escape ever from this continuous overwork - Kenrick makes it go on and on - despair.



Arabella is watching through the observation window into the dancercize room where Tracy is explaining a muscle workout to the instructor. Arabella is copying the movements. Arabella sees Travis enter the Atrium. He is carrying a large flat package. She goes to meet him.

"Travis! Nice to see you." Arabella sounds friendly. "What brings you back to your old stomping grounds? Missing the old place?"

"Too busy for that! Nice to see you, Arabella. How is it going?"

"As if you didn't know," Arabella cajoles. "We're still tops financially, and still way ahead of my old boss, Mark."

"Be sure and mention that to him. A little competition wouldn't do him any harm."

Arabella's eyes go distant for a second, rejecting the idea of competition between managers. "So, what's up?"

"Gina asked me to drop off some new promotional material, since I was driving through the area."

Arabella acts surprised. "What's the matter with Gina?"

"She has a new project," Travis says with a smile.

"A new one! What is it?"

"I'll have to let her announce itherself," Travis says teasingly.

"Oh, come on, Travis. You know how it is for us little people; we hang on every rumor."

Travis shakes his head. "I really can't." Arabella looks disappointed.

Travis looks sorry and hands her the folder. "Be sure to get these up today."

Arabella looks reluctant and Travis looks at her questioningly.

She looks apologetic. "It's Friday afternoon. I'm taking a good weekend off, and I'll get them up Monday."

"You're going to miss our best sales days? Come on, Arabella, where's your head?"

"Travis, you know how it is out here.You're beginning to talk like a  manager. Give me a break!"

"I am a manager," Travis asserts, a little too strongly. He realizes how he sounded and explains, "I was promoted to National Manager yesterday. The announcement is in the mail. But you don't have to be a manager to know the business is failing and we need all the sales we can get."

Tracy enters the Atrium, unseen by Travis and Arabella. She stops and watches.

"I need the damned weekend. I'm not some kind of machine!"

"It doesn't take any time to put out promotional material," Travis counters.

Arabella is not about to back down. "By the time I get someone to come with a ladder and put wires from the ceiling, I'm going to miss my ride.They won't wait! I've had this trip planned for weeks." She glares at him.

Travis takes her look as stubborn defiance. He has to respond. "You're still wet behind the ears.Your job has first priority. You want to make it in this company, you put the job first."

"Yeah? And just who do I have to sleep with to become manager?"

"I'm not sleeping with Gina!" Travis seethes. He is sick of hearing this accusation.

"Her closet is full of your clothes!" Arabella quickly counters.

"We work closely together, but I don't sleep there!" Suddenly he is on the defensive.

"In accounting, two and two still make four. I suppose in Beau Monde it equals something else? You're not fooling anyone but yourself!"

Tracy angrily forces her way past them toward the exit.

"Tracy!" Travis calls after her. Tracy doesn't look back. He turns to Arabella and says hotly, "Now you've done it!"

"Now you've done it," she throws back at him.

Travis desperately races after Tracy, feeling sick, thinking the accusations will never go away, and he will never have Tracy completely and forever.

Tracy hurries out the door and gets in her car as Travis comes out the door. She angrily drives past him without looking at him.


The following scene clinically depicts a mock surgical procedure involving a sexual organ. Click here to bypass this scene.


Gina's dream. Travis is leaning back in a beauty chair, a white gown draped over his nude body. Margo is arranging surgical instruments on a tray at the chair side. Gina is sitting beside him, holding his hand. Kenrick is pacing back and forth. Jordan Wells is standing nearby, smugly waiting.

"Is this going to hurt?"

"Only your pride," Margo smiles wryly.

Kenrick stops pacing long enough to ask, "Are you sure this will work?"

"Always does." Margo replies. "Takes that aggressiveness away. He won't tell Arabella off again."

"But I need him aggressive," Kenrick complains, and goes back to pacing.

"He'll still have one left. And you won't have to worry about him seducing women anymore."

Margo raises the gown and begins to work.

Kenrick stops pacing again and scowls at Margo. "Don't you need surgical gloves and masks?"

"Nah, I'll just do a simple beautification procedure. This will make Travis a much nicer person." She holds out her hand to Gina. "Gina, hand me the hair remover."

Gina hands her a propane torch. Margo lights it and burns the hair off."

"I didn't know beauticians could do castrations," Travis remarks casually.

"We didn't know you could cause all the trouble you have caused." She holds out her hand toward Jordan. "Jordan, hand me the scissors."

"Aren't you going to make an incision?" Jordan asks.

"This is faster. One snip and it's gone. A little super glue and you're on your way. You won't bother Gina anymore."

"What are you going to do with his nut?" Jordan asks.

"It's medical waste. It has to bedisposed of," Gina replies.

"I'm doing a beauty procedure, remember," Margo corrects. "I'll probably put it in a specimen jar and keep it on my desk."

"I want it." Jordan demands. "It will make an erotic charm for my wife."

"I need a trophy," Gina counters. "I've resisted him so far, so I need something to reward myself."

"It's a power symbol. It's mine," Kenrick asserts with finality. "Margo, pickle it and put it on my desk. It will impress the Hell out of everyone."

Margo pulls out a small, oval, bluish white object.

"Now that's pretty," Gina exclaims. "What should we do with it?" she asks, as if Kenrick had not spoken.

Tracy walks in and looks at them. They all look at her. Tracy begins to cry.

"Oh, forget it," Kenrick gives in. "It has to be angry red meat to impress anyone."


Gina races down the street for her church in her car. The big wooden front doors are chained closed. She bangs on them, but no one comes.

"Go ahead, hide from me. Laugh at me!" She cries aloud.

She sits down on the front steps and begins to quietly weep. A man walks down the sidewalk toward her and stands beside her, looking depressed.

"Is it closed?" he asks.

Gina nods.

"You can never find a Church when you need one," the man complains sarcastically. Gina hears the play on the contemporary platitude about policemen, but ignores it. She has no smiles left to give at the moment. "Mind if I sit by you?" the man asks. "Misery loves company."

Gina makes room for him on the steps. If he is an axe murderer, that's OK, the way she feels at the moment.

"Do you mind if I talk," he asks.

Gina shakes her head.

"I'll take that as a go ahead - I'm really desperate. I'm about ready to leave my job. I'm so fed up I don't know what to do. I'm.... a failure," he says sullenly.

Just as sullenly, Gina replies, "God doesn't create failures, just people with oversize shirts. More room for growth - Opportunities in today's language."

"Oversize shirts?" the man muses. "Strange expression."

 "A Nun told me that. She was my best friend. The only person in school who could put up with me." At that thought, Gina smiles just a little, but it quickly fades.

"You sound like my therapist." He shakes his head. He looks at the Church sign - Methodist - and frowns. " Are you Catholic?"

"I went to a Catholic school," Gina explains. "My mother wouldn't let me go to public school. I'm Methodist, if I have to declare."

"I'm Episcopalian." They smile at the incongruity.

"Your problems sound worse than mine," Gina continues. "Why aren't you seeing your therapist?"

"What's a therapist good for?" he complains. "They don't tell you what to do."

"Are they the world's policemen?" Gina asks.


"Are they fountains of wisdom?"

He laughs. "Who is?"

"If they take your pain and problems away, can you still grow?"

The man hesitates. "Well.... No."

"Then how can they do more than help you see your opportunities?" Gina asks with a pleasant smile.

The man wrestles with that for a moment, then seems to resolve something within himself. He turns to Gina's problems. "Well, what are you doing out here?"

"Looking for a fountain of wisdom  who can tell me what to do and take away all my pain."

They both smile."Then we fools are in good company," he says. "So what's troubling you?"

Gina looks down, uncertain if she wants to get into this. The man seems easy to talk to. "I'm kind of a mystic, and I'm kind of out on a limb, and I'm being driven crazy by lust, and I have this vision that I'm going bananas trying to interpret, and I work at this business that works everyone into the grave - "

"Whoa!" He stops her. "I can't take all that in, especially in my state. Just what was the final straw that drove you to this door?"

"I think it was the lust. Yesterday I went to see a doctor to see if she could do something - a pill, anything - to get me to quit climbing the walls for this guy that I must be in love with, but can't marry. Then I had a bizzarre dream and in it some friends of mine and I cut a testicle off this guy, like somehow this was going to solve all my problems and his." She looks at him to see if he is taking all of this in. He is listening intently. "I want to stop this craziness and get on with my life."

"Are you going to stop being human? I thought lust just came with the territory."

"Well, I suppose," she says with contempt. "But a couple of years ago I lost it. I had a steamy affair with a coworker and we  ended up duking it out and shaking the company to its foundation."

"What did you do about it?"

"I abstained. But I haven't abstained from men, just sex, and I can't handle it."

"So did you act responsibly?" he asks.

"I guess so," Gina replies with reservation. She continues doubtfully, "I thought so at the time."

"What more can anyone ask?" he shrugs at her as if there isn't anything more.

"But it doesn't seem right," Gina protests. "It's such a big sacrifice."

"Did someone make a law that when you have to choose between two things you wouldn't have to sacrifice?"

"No. But I'm at the point I'm paralyzed. I can't function," she complains.

"Then look for your opportunity," he replies with assurance.

Gina is puzzled. "What opportunity?"

"The one you told me about.You find your own opportunities."

"Oh, God! Caught in my own trap! It never ends!"

Gina begins to sob and puts her head on her knees. The man pats her on the back.

"Go ahead, you deserve a good cry."

As she weeps, it occurs to her that in her dream everyone had different feelings about what they had done to Travis. For Kenrick it was a symbol of power. For Jordan it was a symbol of lust. For Margo it was a scientific specimen. And for her... it was a trophy. Is that what Travis is to her, a trophy? Perhaps she is making progress.

When Gina looks up, she is smiling weakly, but the man is gone. She looks up and down the street for him.

She shouts, "Hey, don't give up, you're a good person." And then, filled with doubt about her own reality, she continues weakly, "Or, was this just another dream?"

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