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Chapter 10
Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999 Dorian Scott Cole


Screen Novel
Enhanced screenplay - reads like a novel


D. Scott Cole

Based on characters and ideas from

the novel

Priest of Sales

By D. Scott Cole

Copyright 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999

Dorian Scott Cole

Contact: Primary Contact.


Gina is sitting at her desk talking on the phone. She sees Mark storm by, and runs to the door. "Mark?" she calls after him. Again, "Mark?" more alarmed. She runs after him. Mark is stopping at the elevator, but sees her coming and goes to the stairwell. She follows closely behind him down the stairs.

"Mark, what's wrong?" she sees that he is not frightened, but angry. "Mark, come on, answer me." But why would he be angry with her? "I'm your friend. Tell me what it is?"

Finally, as he quickly moves down the stairs, he responds. "Friend? I have no friends here! You're all a bunch of ass holes and I'm the number one shit hole."

Mark must be confused about something, Gina thinks. "I haven't done anything to you."

"Oh, no, you didn't sit in a staff meeting and agree that good old Mark doesn't need a chance right now. 'He needs to tough it out in his current job for a while - see if he can do better.' No, you didn't do anything like that."

"No, I didn't!"

Mark stops moving away from Gina. "I asked Travis for the sales job. What is the guy trying to do to me, make me crazy? He comes to my club and begs to be my friend, pumps me full of shit, asks me to join his expansion group, stands there in front of everyone and begs for salespeople - so I walk in and ask and he throws me out. What did I do to deserve this?" Mark's face is full of pain and disbelief.

Gina's heart sinks at this news. Their worst fear has happened. "Mark, it wasn't Travis. Travis feels as badly about this as you do."

"Then God damn it Gina, who is twisting the knife in my back?"

She sighs as if resigned. "You might as well know the truth. It was Kenrick."

"I might have known! Kenrick! Mark slams his fist into his hand hard enough to hurt himself.

Gina is frightened by his action. "Let it go, Mark." she warns. "Cool off. It isn't worth getting this upset over."

Mark sits on the steps and begins to sob. Gina's heart anguishes for him and she tries to comfort him. "Come on, I'm going to take you to my house. You're too upset to go home like you are, you'll have a wreck."

"You don't have time to pamper me," Mark protests. "Go on, I'll be OK. Tell Travis I'm sorry."

Gina is not about to slough off her friend in his condition. "You're more important. I'll take time." She gently pulls him to his feet and they continue down the stairs.


Kenrick is standing, looking out the window. Margo steps inside the door.

"You wanted to see me?" Margo asks.

"Yes, come in," he says, more bluntly than usual.

Margo sits in front of Kenrick's desk. Kenrick pours her a drink at his bar and gives it to her. "Thank-you."

"As you know, times are tough. As you aptly pointed out, people are overworked, and I've been trying to change things for all of us. I reached a decision this afternoon. With this becoming an organization that is truly national in scope, and working with corporations, I'm going to need medical consulting nationwide. So I'm going to contract these services as I need them."

Margo's face brightens, obviously expecting to be in charge of an organization - people to train...

Kenrick continues. "Unfortunately that means downsizing the operation here, so your services will no longer be needed."

Margo looks at him impassively for a moment, then rises and throws her drink in his face. "Don't lie to me, you didn't like my presentation this afternoon. You're scared to death you're not going to own someone body and soul." She goes toward the door.

"Don't look for a recommendation from me!" He shoots at her back like a knife from a coward.

"Who would want a recommendation from a snake?" Margo asks as she turns toward him with searing eyes. Kenrick can't help but wither in her gaze. Margo is everything he is not.

(The following scene is one to skip if you don't like visually graphic images. The graphics involved are symbolic of the vile that precedes from kenrick into the others. Skip scene.)


Gina is lying in her casket. The mourners are watching and Kenrick comes forward to close the casket. An evil gray iridescent cloud emanates from Kenrick, exuding from his mouth as he leans forward. He leans over with his candle to kiss Gina on the lips. She turns her face and he kisses her on the cheek.

Angrily he says, "Bye, bye Gina."

Gina blows out the candle and hops from the casket.

"I'm not dead," she asserts, her spirit strong.

Gina runs away in slow motion with Kenrick chasing after her. The mourners form a gauntlet that she slowly runs through as they easily walk along watching her.

Kenrick pursues her, having no trouble keeping up with her. "You're dead. Everyone says you are dead. You can't live anymore, you have to get in your casket."

"I'm not dead. I'm alive!"

"Can't you see, you're in my power. I made you this way."

Gina's legs appear to have grown into large stumps, making it more difficult for her to run. She turns and looks at Kenrick. He is taking off his costume and an evil dark gray cloud emanates from his crotch.

"I'm not in your power, I'm alive!" She argues. She falls and begins to crawl.

"You surrendered yourself to me, you fool. You're all mine."

Gina looks to the mourners. "Help me!" She cries to them.

They smile down at her, but offer no assistance. She looks behind and Kenrick is reaching for her foot. He is disrobed to the waist and the gray cloud is prevalent. She quickly pulls her foot away and tries to crawl more quickly, but he soon catches her other foot. He is fully disrobed and pulls himself onto her.

She screams. "No! No! I'm alive."

The evil gray cloud courses through her.

End skip

"I'm making you dead, Gina. You'll be just like me." Kenrick's smile is twisted and evil.

"I'm alive! I'm alive!" She shouts over and over.


Gina sits straight up in bed. Mark hurries in.

"I'm alive! I'm alive!" She is shouting.

"What is it, Gina?"

Gina desperately grabs him and pulls her to him.

"It's Kenrick! He's killing me!"

"It's OK. It's OK," he comforts. "It was just a dream, no one is going to kill you."

"No, it isn't just a dream!" Gina yells, her mind still full of her dream. "He is killing us, don't you see!"

"OK, calm down. Let's talk about it."


Gina is working at her desk when she hears loud voices coming from the hall.

Kenrick says loudly, "I'm not going in there Mark. You can't make me! Help! Call the - "

"Get in there, NOW!" Mark interrupts him.

Gina runs to her door. She looks out and sees Mark holding Kenrick in a strangle hold from behind, and with a knife at his back.

She gasps. "Mark, no!"

"Stay out of this, Gina. This is something I have to do."

Kenrick makes a frightened noise as Mark pricks him in the back with the knife. They move through the door. Gina follows fearfully along behind. Troy looks through the door and quickly goes back inside his office. Mark sees Gina following and roughly turns he and Kenrick around toward her.

"Here you are playing hero again, Gina." Mark says to her. "Well not this time. Get out of here, this is my spotlight."

Gina will not be disuaded. "Please.... please, Mark, what's wrong? What are you going to do?"

Mark smiles. "Kenrick and I are going to have a nice little talk. Then Kenrick is going to fall on his sword. TOO BAD ABOUT THE FUCKING CARPET!" Mark wrenches Kenrick around and moves him past his frightened secretary and into his office.

"Stay away, Gina!" Mark yells back at her. He slams the door with his foot.

Gina runs to the door and tries it. It is locked.

She pleads, "Mark, for God's sake, this isn't going to solve anything. Please, come out before you do something you'll really regret."

"I regret everything I've ever done. What's the big deal?" Mark retorts.

"The big deal is, people like me and Travis and Margo really care about you. We're your friends, we don't want to see this happen. It can't help any of us."

"Margo is gone. Sooner or later he will kill me, then you, then Travis. It's only a matter of time, you said so yourself."

"I was terrified by a nightmare. C'mon, don't take it so literally."

"I'm living the nightmare, and so are you. This is it, I'm killing the monster! This is for you, Gina."

"Open this door so we can talk!" She hurriedly demands.

"I'm done talking!" Mark says with finality.

Gina walks to an adjoining office and opens the door. Mark is removing the telephone from the hook. He looks at her and shrugs.

"Your mother was right, you're too damned irrepressible. You want to see blood, suit yourself." Mark checks to see if a window will open. It does.

Again she pleads with him. "Mark, there is always hope. When things look the darkest, turn to God. There's hope, Mark, there's hope. Don't do this."

"Oh, yeah, turn to God. That's a nice diversion, Gina. Kenrick, you chintzy son-of-a-bitch, how much money do you have in the bank?"

"You want my money?" Kenrick asks, his voice quavering with fear. "Is that what it is, my money or my life? Sure, I'll give it to you. All of it."

"No, you ass hole. I want to know how much you tucked away over our dead bodies. How much did you save by working us to death?"

"Not much," Kenrick replies fearfully, his body shaking. The profit goes back in the business."

"Sure it does," Mark replies in disbelief. "How much money do you save hiring us dime a dozen people? Ninety cents?"

"Mark, please, think about God for a moment. You don't want to do this. You want hope, you want - "

"Shove it, Gina. God talks to you, he doesn't even say hello to me. Come down off your damned cloud and look around the world." Mark seems to loosen his grip some on Kenrick, but Kenrick is frozen, too frightened to move. Mark begins pouring his heart out. "God is totally capricious. He lets half the world starve! He talks about unconditional love one moment and sends everyone to Hell the next. And of course, before I can even talk to Him, I have to get down on my knees like a slave and confess to being a sinner - a totally worthless human being. What a blow to my self esteem, which I never had to begin with. But you gave it to Travis... but not me. What was wrong with me that you couldn't help me that way? See, I don't rate with any of you. Every time something good comes along, old Mark doesn't even get to lick the plate. What's wrong with me, Gina? Why am I never good enough?"

"Killing Kenrick isn't going to help. It can't help me either - if I want a change I can do it. So can you. Your answer is in you, Mark."

"You're right! You're always right! I can't even do this for you." He suddenly pushes Kenrick across the room, sending him sprawling, along with the knife. "You want this ass hole, you can have him." Gina walks cautiously toward Mark. Mark hesitates, turns and leaps out the window.

Gina runs to the window screaming. "Mark! No! Mark!" She kneels on the floor and begins to sob.

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