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Fleeing Pandemic

Industry captain takes several friends with him to avoid the pandemic

Ripped from the headlines, a virus is ravaging the nation. The main character, Mister X, is a wealthy individual, who has decided to flee and take some friends with him. Several volunteer.

After writing the first scene, you decide you hate the wealthy individual and he disappears. The rest of the characters go on as they realize he isn't coming back. (This isn't waiting for Godot.)

You can change characters, and in this chapter only use the ones that you think makes a good story, but the suggested character set is:

Giles Mason is an accountant who lives alone. He has terminal cancer and hasn't told anyone. He just wants to be among people in his last days.

Bob Arnot runs a factory that is shut down. He loves drama and he uses subterfuge to undermine everyone, jeopardizing whatever plans they make.v

Missy Rains is a foil. She has much wisdom and sees through people, but she never confronts them directly. Instead she uses humor or stories to help people see themselves.

Paul Patron is a mercenary. He fights for whichever side pays the most. But now he is retired and at loose ends, looking for a new purpose. Mister X brings him along for security, but he has no loyalty to anyone. He makes unwelcome passes at both Missy and Julia.

Julia Robertson. Her husband died of the virus and her restaurant is closed. She was always fond of Mister X. He was always fond of her and the journey needs a cook. She hates violence, so her reaction to Paul is incendiary. She wants to unravel him and watch him flail like ribbon in the wind. Even if it takes a hammer.

So choose your story form: novel, stage play, screenplay.

Choose your genre and then settings: Mystery, SciFi, Romance, Thriller, Espionage, Western, Soap Opera, Fantasy, Futuristic, Historic, Comedy, Satire, Horror. Drama, Fan Fiction, Dystopian, or other.

Everything else is your choice, including everything above.

Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to create character interaction and form a plot that is so delicious that your readers will cry if there is no chapter 2.

- Dorian

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