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Science Fiction: Prison space craft 67 is a twenty-year imprisonment facility that goes on its second twenty-year voyage. It returns empty. All of the cabins on the craft look normal, except for the recreation room, which is completely destroyed except for the computers.

What happened? Only someone completely familiar with the craft is likely to know - a former prisoner or crew member. But mysteriously, everyone who was on the previous flight also turns out to be dead or missing. The authorities finally locate one man who is living in isolation from the world - a religious person. He became religious on the voyage. He informs them that there is one other person, but he is employed as a computer programmer and is living in a company town that is an underwater city. He taught himself computer programming on the previous voyage.

The authorities must convince one or the other, or both, to help investigate the voyage. They will both be transported on the craft. Neither want to be anywhere near the craft. And one or the other, or both, of them may be responsible for whatever happened on the deserted space craft.

The main character might be an investigator or one of the two former prisoners.

Horror/thriller, or mainstream mystery.

What is it? While checking in the attic of his 150 year-old house for a faulty wire, our hero spots a well hidden access door. When he opens the door, he sees a stairs going up to a room in one of the roof peaks.

In the hidden room, on a table he finds papers with writing in a language that he doesn't recognize. Are they just the secret meanderings of someone who immigrated here? Or are they mystical? Evil? Or A secret society? Something to do with aliens? A secret inventor?

While looking around the room for clues, he finds a sweater. Then he notices that there is no dust on the table or chair, even though the papers and everything appear to be very old. A cold chill goes down his back. Then he notices that there is another well hidden door exiting the room. With some apprehension he pulls the door open and sees another stairway going down - all the way down to what must be the basement.

At the bottom of the stairs he finds a room that is barren except for what appears to be some kind of machine. No wires go to the machine and it has no motor. And again, no dust on the machine. He goes back up the stairs, searching carefully, but no more doors or stairs are to be found. Two interconnected rooms with no entrance, and both seem to have been used recently? But there are only his own footprints in the dust on the stairs.

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