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Medical science drama (real medical possibility):

Rob is a very healthy man of 36, but has two problems. First, he is scheduled to be executed in August for murder during a robbery. Second, he has brain cancer and will die in June, before the execution. Even if the tumor is removed, he will not be a whole person, so it is questionable if legal "justice" can be served.

Rob has caused trouble all of his life, and wants to make amends somehow with society.

Larry is a brilliant medical scientist at the pinnacle of his work. He feels that within 6 months, he will make major breakthroughs in proving his scientific theories that will extend millions of lives and relieve suffering in millions. Larry has one problem. Due to a horrible blood-born virus, he is dying of multiple organ failure, and gets weaker and sicker by the day. The virus is cured, but doctors can't transplant that many organs into him. Even his stomach is going. He will be unable to continue his work.

Rob hears about Larry and offers a solution for both of them. Rob will have surgery to remove a tumor, and that will allow his body to live, and certain regions of his brain to continue working. After the operation, he will be incapable of rational thought, but will still have memory and voice functions. He will sign papers allowing doctors to hook his blood system up to Larry, to keep Larry alive.

Larry investigates and finds that Rob's solution will probably work as long as their blood types match, anti-rejection drugs are used, Rob's body gets some exercise, and he is fed. Rob's body will remain strapped to a gurney and will follow Larry around his lab, supplying Larry's blood flow to keep him alive. No one knows what Rob's existing brain functions will cause.

The court approves the plan, after considering the special circumstances involved, and blocks all stays because of the critical situation. However, the State government plans to appeal the decision. They have operations, removing major portions of Rob's brain, most of Larry's deteriorating organs, and connecting the two men's blood systems together.

The two men become one living entity - one person. They become known as "Mr. Rob and Mr. Larry," or MisterMister for short.

Appeals continue, and the final State court decision is that Rob's execution must be carried out to satisfy the law. What happens?

  • Would "justice" actually be served by Rob's execution?
  • Is Rob still a person after portions of his brain are removed?
  • Is Rob still Rob when he is then connected to Larry, or are they another person?

- Scott

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