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Story Idea: One Week to Live

Four friends on a vacation trip get exposed to a toxic substance. They discover that Medical science has no cure, and they have just days to live. Although they will have symptoms that come and go, they won't get really sick until near the end.

Each person decides to make the days count in his or her own way. This is their 1 week story. What does each of them do? Following are some options.

Jack is fiercely independent. A survivor. He refuses to accept his fate and is in a race with time to find a cure. Perhaps he lives more fully in this race than he ever has before. Perhaps his preoccupation blinds him to living. Do the others urge him to just live his remaining days to the fullest, or cheer him on in finding a cure?

Jill is a flower girl... peace, love, being tolerant, living in the moment. Perhaps she decides to live each moment even more fully. Perhaps she gets angry at whomever left the toxins and makes war on them.

Teresa is an adventurer. She would rather be jumping out of airplanes and climbing rock cliffs. Perhaps she decides to cram in as much adventure as possible. Perhaps she decides she has neglected other aspects of her life, such as relationships. If the latter, does she feel that she wants to give to others, receive from others, or both?

Jason has always played it safe. He has been good, a good scholar, never in any trouble, never adventurous. Perhaps he decides to throw caution to the wind and really live it up. Perhaps he withdraws even more, discovering the beauty in each small item in his environment, both natural and man made, hoping to extend his life through moderation - the safe approach.

How do these four interact with each other? Does one person's story affect the others? At the end of a week, have they changed? How does the story end, life or death?

Have fun!

- Scott

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