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Story idea: Fooman


Demographic: 12 - 30

Fooman is a companion who mysteriously appears on computers. No one knows where he/she comes from or how he gets on computers. He seems to know everything about his host, and frequently offers advice. Sometimes the advice is related to the computer, sometimes to homework, and sometimes to relationships. He often asks questions to clarify issues, and gives uncannily good advice.

Word about Fooman soon gets out to parents, law enforcement, Homeland Security, computer companies, and religious officials. People get very suspicious and begin objecting to his activities. They suspect his motives, thinking he collects personal information for his own gain, steals identities, is a sex pervert, interferes with parental, school, and religious authority, etc.

Computer geeks and hackers are enlisted to try and trap him, but virus and spy detectors are unable to track him, even though they get glimpses of him occasionally. People warn him that there are traps set for him.

People start blaming him for all kinds of crimes. At first it is just students blaming him for missing homework - they later confess that they just didn't do the homework. But soon there is money mysteriously missing from bank accounts. Purchases are made on eBay. There is even a sale on eBay supposedly sponsored by Fooman. Fooman hides even better, but eventually is driven so far into hiding that he has to quit helping those who need help.

Are people who hide in the shadows magnets for suspicion, blame, and false accusations, despite their good intentions? Can there be heroes who hide in the shadows?

- Scott

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