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The script for the mega-hit Home Alone has been made available by the studio for use with classes through National Writers Workshop (address below). 

Screenplay staged reading techniques developed by Willard Rodgers (which vary considerably from plays), and extensive additional information on screenwriting is available in my book, Writers Workshop Script Doctor, available through National Writers Workshop, or directly by Internet e-mail. 

To order the electronic version of Writers Workshop Script Doctor, send an Internet e-mail message to Primary Contact, for price and mailing instructions. 

Your local library, bookstores, and Amazon (on the Internet) will likely have books by popular authors, such as: Lajos Egri, Eugene Vale, Syd Field, Linda Seger, Linda Stuart, Cynthia Whitcomb, and many other writes, which cover various aspects of screenwriting.

Printed copies of How To Write A Screenplay are available free from National Writers Workshop. The electronic version is available free by downloading the file from the BBS, Internet, or online service from which this copy was obtained. Or by Internet e-mail from Primary Contact.

Also available: Writers Workshop Script Doctor. Find structural problems in screenplay scripts, learn how to fix them and where to get help. Add professional touches to your script using visual writing techniques. The text of Writers Workshop Script Doctor, and other material, is available on the web site: . A percentage of the royalty from Writers Workshop Script Doctor goes to National Writers Workshop. National Writers Workshop is a non-profit organization and depends on revenue and sponsor donations to operate its writer assistance programs. 

Watch the Reference Shelf page and Links page on The Visual Writer home page, for updates on resource material. 
Resources: for updates on resource material. 

Contact National Writers Workshop by mail at PO Box 69799, Los Angeles, CA, 90069. Willard Rodgers, Director.


You are free to give this article in its entirety to others (small groups, under 100) as long as the copyright with my name (Dorian Scott Cole) is included. This material is not public domain and may not be sold, mass distributed, published, or made electronically available in any form, without permission from Dorian Scott Cole. Complementary distribution (unpaid - no charge) will not be charged for. Visit the Visual Writer Web site for e-mail address information.

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