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Making a Screenplay Rise To The Top

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   About this series.

In the highly competitive world of books and movies, manuscripts for sale or publication are read with a bias. The reader is looking for any reason to throw the story out, so that by default only the best are left. Many writers create great stories. But almost all writers make mistakes that get their story, the one that they spent hundreds of hours writing, sent to the trash heap.

The articles listed below partially represent personal experience, and compare very favorably with critical feedback from many readers to hundreds of writers, and compare favorably with recommendations from leading directors.

The primary way to learn to write is to get busy writing. But it pays big dividends while you are writing to become informed, so that you don't submit stories with costly mistakes and become tortured because most readers for studios and publishers aren't disposed to tell you about your mistakes. Right here is where you find what they are unable to tell you.


This how to series is also available in a single HTML download for single computers. How To Write A Movie (screenplay)

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Off to a good start

Articles with brief segments to get you off to a really quick start - start writing now.


Characters can't be shadows, stereotypes, or you - they have to be unique.

Plot and Structure

Plot is craft. Poorly crafted plot - bad plot, bad, bad plot.


Dialogue is just speaking... isn't it?


Where does a scene begin, and where does it end? When is it time to start a new scene?


Originality is one of the major sought-after qualities in stories that sets a script above the others.


What is the best kept secret in the industry?


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