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How To Write A Screenplay

By Dorian Scott Cole

Copyright © 1994, 1996, 1998, 2009 Dorian Scott Cole

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Copying: School systems may copy this guide electronically or in print as needed for classroom use by including copyright information. No part of this guide may be used in another document or altered without expressed permission from the author. All Rights Reserved - this is not public domain material.

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Intent: Funds for printing the original document were provided to National Writers Workshop by THE ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES, partly because of the nonprofit nature of National Writers Workshop and its assistance to screenwriters. The Academy does not endorse (or not endorse) this guide or contribute financially in any other way.

The author was not (and is not) compensated in any way for this guide. Although this version was also used as an advertising vehicle for Writers Workshop Script Doctor, nothing has been deleted from the original, and nothing was withheld at any time to diminish the value or effectiveness of the Guide in any version (for example to promote marketing). The text of Writers Workship Script Doctor is incorporated into the author's web site in the over 600 articles on writing and related articles: This guide in electronic form really is an unrestricted freebie.

Versions: This guide is made available in HTML format in keeping with the spirit of the original publication, and additional material has been added. This how to series is available in separate topic pages (see Contents), or as a single HTML download for single computers. How To Write A Movie (screenplay)

Graphics: Graphics in this electronic book are the exclusive design of Dorian Scott Cole, except the movie and reel pictures in the opening graphics, which are Microsoft Clipart. Exclusive graphics in this document are covered under the document copyright.

History: How To Write A Screenplay was written in 1994/5 for National Writers Workshop for its pilot program with Los Angeles, Hollywood, and surrounding city high schools. National Writers Workshop was a nonprofit organization whose purpose was to find, assist, and develop new screenwriters (with a strong focus on minorities), and was supported by major motion picture studios, organizations, prominent actors, and volunteers from 1979.

The pilot program was designed as a way of encouraging writing in the school system, and of providing an avenue of assistance into screenwriting. This guide is designed as an addition to existing curriculums where screenwriting can be an elective, and not as a course in itself. See Teacher's Information for more information. Topics are based on the Author's original research, screenplay critiques, and book Writers Workshop Script Doctor.

Contact: For permissions, feedback, and questions, contact Dorian Scott Cole by the Internet e-mail address, Primary Contact. Do not send scripts or story ideas - I can't read them because of time limitations and plagiarism issues. At the first hint of story content I will have to delete the entire message (sorry). 

All rights reserved, including rights to use any portion in future publications. Non-exclusive printing and distribution rights: National Writers Workshop, PO Box 69799, Los Angeles, CA 90069. The electronic version was made available in April, 1996; HTML version made available in April, 1998. All Rights Reserved on all versions.

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