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Comprehensive Web, Marketing, and Technical Communications

Helping small- to mid-size
technology businesses grow,
virtually anywhere.
The Visual Writer, LLC Galaxy NGC 4314 has clusters of
infant stars forming a ring around
the core, demonstrating creativity
and the birth of new things from
"virtually" nothing.

Improving profitability through all-in-one communications services

Strategy to win by design:

  • Marketing focus
  • Information architecture
  • Interface design for aesthetics and navigation

Four profitability factors are presented with our service offerings, as an introduction to our services. For even more information, read our white papers.

Profitability Factor 1: Go where the money is. This deceptively simple factor requires a thorough understanding of how business works. Relying on experience from startups to Fortune 10, we can suggest positioning strategies likely to lead away from diminishing revenues and toward long-term prosperity. Which aspect of the business equation is your business targeting?

Industry Expertise:

  • High Technology
    • Software and development tools
    • Hardware
    • Electronics
    • Medical: clinical and research technology
    • Power generation and transmission
    • Broadcast: radio, TV, and online
    • Information search - online
    • Sales and Service
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Home improvement and construction
  • Business growth, management, administration, marketing, product development, and sales
  • Customer service and loyalty
  • Business communications
  • Automotive
  • Writing, PR, and communications
  • Training and instruction
  • Entertainment (movie and print publishing)
  • Religion and ministry
  • Psychology
  • Add your industry here

Other services: Business market analysis, Keyword market analysis (for search)

Newsletter: (Discontinued to avoid confidentiality issues with current work).


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The beautiful image of nature at the top of the page is from a NASA gallery collection of 1998, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, of the barred-spiral galaxy NGC 4314. It has clusters of infant stars forming a ring around the core, demonstrating creativity and the birth of new things from "virtually" nothing.

The Visual Writer main Web site was established in 1996, and provides non-commercial free services to communicators world-wide. Visual Writer, LLC Communications Services are unrelated to the mission of The Visual Writer, LLC Web site.

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