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Marketing A to Z

Copyright 2001, by Dorian S. Cole


The daily grind of marketing is specialized selling, that is, using the skilled presentation to the market of select product information to get viable leads and influence the sale. Marketers sell primarily concepts that the product benefits are worth pursuing. Marketing is based on a thorough understanding of the product, marketplace, literature creation, and marketing and selling strategies.

Some of the factors that should be considered when marketing are:

  • Customer needs - what will make their life better (especially revenue).
  • Customer concerns - products must meet these conditions.
  • Product capabilities, flexibility, robustness.
  • Customer word of mouth.
  • Company and product image.
  • Product visibility (market awareness).
  • Market buzz (industry analysts, etc.).

  • Ability to get leads (not an easy task).
  • Campaigns: effective, media selection, targeting.
  • Sales activity: quantity, quality, product education.
  • Differentiation - must be a valued difference, but not necessarily monetary - people are willing to pay for value.
  • Positioning - select the right competitor and industry to battle. There is very little hope of breaking the barriers of "tight circle" industries. There is little money when selling to industries with only a couple of players.
  • Literature - delivers appropriate message to appropriate audience, and says it in an appropriate way.
  • Knowledge of competitors.

  • Authority/trust (becoming a known, trusted, and authoritative entity): white papers, market presence, trade show exhibitor and speaker, trade group participant, user-group speaker, trade publications, relationship with industry advisors, reputation, professionalism, references, image.
  • Willingness to hold hands during product selection, installation, customization, and support.
  • Number of current installations.
  • Name significance to other users.
  • Entrenched products: known by users, works with other products, reflects a major investment and commitment by the company. Is a common standard in the industry.
  • Bundled competitive services - if a major company sells a bundle of solutions, it is difficult to sell the customer on your individual product.

  • Your partners, distributors, bundlers - willingness to bundle or sell - locks others out.
  • Problems with competitive products - opportunity for you.
  • Market conditions (stocks, market directions, as in the Internet is in or out of favor, world stability, or Y2K had everyone frozen for several months).
  • $ - financial situation of the purchasing company, price, Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Selling to a market leader (innovator) or follower (most business people are not big risk-takers - their main responsibility is eliminating risk by saying "no" to products that may be perceived as a risk).
  • Customer may not perceive his own need - have to raise the visibility of an application's benefits.

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