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 The Angry Doves
Copyright © 2001, Dorian Scott Cole
 Full length novel in 15 minute reading chapters

The Angry Doves

Storyline: A State Department agent on a peace mission to the MiddleEast is captured and held by terrorists. The terrorists permit a meeting with a reporter to get publicity for their cause, but they plan to kill the operative. The operative tells the story of his frustrating overt, covert, and even paramilitary efforts to assist the goal of peace for the region.

This story began in 1980 as a screenplay. It quickly got out of hand and became a novel - my first novel, and first fiction work of significant length. I finished writing, and rewriting, and rewriting it in 1988. Shortly after, the Soviet brand of Communism fell and outdated the story. I decided not to rewrite it again, but to move on to other work. As I look at it now through the perspective of my own writing experience and advice, it needs some work, but it is still a good story.

Note: ICRA ratings are in effect to prevent children from opening these pages. There is no pornography or X-rated material in this story (or anywhere on this site). Some of the violence, themes, and sexually related descriptions are not appropriate for children, but are generally tame by adult standards.

Reading Segments

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- Scott

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